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We have a passion for clarity— transforming complex conditions into spaces of elemental beauty and enduring value.

We work with our clients and partners to solve problems, reveal insights, and create inviting architecture for every place and purpose.


Privacy, view, and natural light were the 3 requirements that drove the design of this 8-unit apartment complex located on the eastern slope of Lake Oswego. The solution was to create rooms with precisely one view window, one ambient light window, and no other openings. In this way, each room maintains privacy, focuses its attention on the framed river/ mountain view, and is generously day-lit by a high clerestory window. A sawtooth roof form was used to achieve this configuration. Each 1 bedroom unit is organized with living space above and sleeping below. The uphill 4 units are elevated by one-floor level allowing them views over the downhill units. The building’s walls and roofs are painted a monochromatic dark bronze giving them a sculptural quality.