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We have a passion for clarity— transforming complex conditions into spaces of elemental beauty and enduring value.

We work with our clients and partners to solve problems, reveal insights, and create inviting architecture for every place and purpose.

Goya Windsurfing

Bingen, WA

Mixed-Use / Retail

7,350 sf  

Francisco Goya

Under Construction
Established in 1934 as the Mt. Adams Aerie Lodge for the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, this inconspicuous building in the Columbia Gorge community of Bingen, later used as a warehouse, was actually concealing a beautiful timber bow truss structural frame. After falling vacant in the 2010’s, legendary windsurfer and world-champion Francisco Goya saw the Lodge as an opportunity to establish a base camp in what many consider the windsurfing capital of North America.

Now retired from professional competition, Francisco focuses on engineering and crafting best-in-class boards and equipment for the top tier of pro windsurfers and passionate enthusiasts. Waechter was brought in with the goal of repurposing the historic warehouse into a retail showroom and workshop with adjacent lodging for his brand and staff from Goya Windsurfing’s home in Hawaii. The design repairs and showcases the timber "bones" while opening much of the previously closed-off facade with new glazing and articulated metal siding. 

Now in construction, this project is causing considerable buzz in the Gorge and the wider windsurfing community, as it will bring new energy to the town of Bingen and new presence to one of the sport’s most important brands.